Registered in Egypt, with our headquarters in London and South America, we are devoted to foreign trade as our main activity.

A Unique Experience

We sell from and through our South American representative trading office and Department, responsible for all our Group sales and trading operations, on C+F and CIF basis. We sell our commodities and Group productions as our trading priority. It all started 10 years ago in a 50/50 % association and partnership with very well-known and traditional trading houses, mainly in Europe, which helped us to sell our items using their strong trading structure and financial power.

Our Target

MJR United company's purpose is to serve our mills and clients by marketing and selling all our Group production worldwide, preferably on C+F or CIF basis, with some few restrictions for certain destinations. Although most of our clients are final users and consumers, we also sell to resellers, wholesalers or distributors. We also welcome serious inquires coming from professional brokers or agents, provided international rules and norms are respected.

As much a possible, we try to enter in government business and international tender business. We are constantly open to develop long-term partnerships with new counter parties worldwide, provided first mutual trust and credibility is established.

  • Raw & fully refined cane sugar Icumsa 800-1200, & Icumsa 45, 100 & 150
  • Beans/grains/Seeds: soybeans, corn, white maize, barley, sun flower & rape seeds
  • Crude & refined vegetable oils (soybean, corn, peanut, sun flower seed, & rape seed)
  • All meals above & pellets for animal feeding
  • All sub-products above, such as: glycerin, lecithin, acid oils, fatty acids, DDSBO, etc
  • Whole frozen chickens & most parts & cuts
  • Others
  • Iron ore fines on spot & long term contracts
  • Used rails r50/r65
  • Flat steel: rebar, square billets, wire rods
  • Some flat steel items: plates, blooms, slabs, coils
  • Others
  • Bauxite ore
  • Steam coal
  • Clinker, Petroleum products
  • Sands
  • Others

All specifications available through reliable professional inquiries.

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